Monday, June 7, 2010

1st year of love celebration

5th June 2010
I would say the celebration started even earlier than expected... Bubbles got me a gorgeous pink rose that will never fade away, which is exactly what he wishes for our love to be!
However, he hid the pressie in a place where I can see every single day but cannot touch! It was pure torture! Ughh... I was so curious that I could kill a........c-cat! *gulp* Every single day, I walked pass the pressie and have the urge to just grab it and tear it open to reveal the mystery!
Sigh... too bad I was brought up in a family that practices good manners... who would not touch anything that isn't intended to be...
However, I would say... the wait was worth it! I love the pressie and the meaning behind it...
It was certainly a great night!
Celebrating our important day at a famous Japanese Restaurant - Rakuzen.
The food was delicious, the ambiance was great, the company was even better...
Nothing is ever greater than a shared evening with someone that matters!

Although I don't really fancy raw food other than salmon... the dish certainly looks delicious!
The salmon was so fresh and sweet... the rest was pretty good as well, Bubbles love it!
Ooohh... my favourite of all!
Yummy baked Oysters and sushi!
After dinner, we proceed to the place where our love story begins...
How can we end the night without our favourite jazz?
I can still remember the day when Bubbles "accidently" grabbed my hand while I was so mesmerized by the jazz... the feeling of his warmth overwhelmed the entire jazzy atmosphere... it was also the day where he did not let go of my hand...
We celebrated our 1st year of love with style indeed, enjoying another jazzy live performance at Alexis@Ampang with bubbling champagne to seal the deal.
Hmm... the deal?
Our vision for our relationship...
the love story will continue... in style,
with love and with a pinch of excitement every now and then...

Thanks for the love & TLC that you have given since the beginning...


  1. This is such a beautiful post! thanks for sharing!

  2. i'm glad u've enjoyed it... it means alot to me to share that love could be so beautiful :)