Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The world is selfish

Even if we think we are saints, even if we think we care for others, even if we've done many charities and helped many people in our lives... there is still some thoughts and acts of self-centered and selfishness in every single person.

Let me say it in simple English... you are a selfish person! We are all born to be selfish...

You don't agree with me?

Well, even I have to surrender to that statement and realized just how true it is. When we stepped back to look at our actions and the actions of people around us, we might observe that every single details are hinted with a tinged of selfishness.

I have encountered friends who seems to be very caring, however, I've also experienced self-centered actions from these friends of mine. No matter how much I cared for them or sacrificed my time for them, at the end of the day, it is their own advantage and welfare that is being prioritized. I have looked pass all these since I have my own first best-friend-experience in school. Every single friendship has taught me a lesson and every single time I have to remind myself over and over again not to give myself totally in any friendship. But everytime, I always end up hurting myself because I always try to be a good friend. Probably I am a little more wiser at this age and might not be so easily fooled *wink*...

Now let's look at people that is in our family or those we have a love-relationship with. Are these group of people genuine or are they similar to the above group?

Perhaps they are slightly different because they might have our goodwill in mind, however, the fact is nobody is perfect. Somehow, somewhere, something might occur and selfishness is a natural attribute to the humankind.

My mom will always give me a certain *stony* face if I failed to spend time with her during the weekends and sometimes she will ignore me and purposely not cook for me just to show me how unhappy she is! Haha! But she is my mom and deep inside my heart, I know she have never failed to provide me with her love. So, I chose to adapt to her selfishness.

How about Bubbles? He seems to be a perfect guy who give me everything I need, so are there any selfish agendas in his diary?

Bubbles is a great guy and I love him more and more every single day. Every action of his are meant to built my confidence in our relationship and every decision are for my happiness. However, Bubbles are also living in the exact same world as mine and to say he is not affected by it will be saying he is a saint and not human. I would rather have my Bubbles as a human than a saint *wink*...

So, to conclude my years of observation, from childhood to adult, from acquaintances to buddies to classmates to workmates to strangers to partners to families... everyone has a tinged of selfishness in them, some more some less. You can argue with me if you think I'm wrong *smile*

However, so many years of experiences have never taught me just how much I should give my trust to everyone. Just when I give a hundred person to someone, something will bounce out of nowhere and disappoint me! How can I react to situations that seems unfair to me? To this case, it is more disappointment than unfair... I felt a tinged of sadness for being treated like I'm not important...