Saturday, June 12, 2010

Strip me naked...

What if I were to strip off all my titles, my name, my job, my family, my status, my relationships, my education... everything!

Who am I exactly?
When I lay beneath the earth, destined to be turned into dust...
will I be remembered for my titles?
will I be remembered for the fame I've collected?
will I be remembered for the love I have spread around?

The family portrait that will never be repeated in any lifetime for my father has been taken away from our lives 2 years ago... In my heart, he will always be remembered as my father... the guy who have provided me love since I was born in his own unique ways... also the guy who has indirectly nurtured me into who I am today...
He was born on the 5th July 1949 and will be almost 61 years old if he is still alive today. He was extremely active when he was young and a fierce & strict parent when he had us.
He believes himself to be a good friend, a good mentor, a leader with a vision, and a good family man. He always tried his best to help his fellow friends & family, to guide and provided leadership to those who needed to succeed in their career and life... He always would help in whatever way he could to those he cared. I remembered, he silently helped financially to those he cared and never complain a word about it.
However, when he died... most has forgotten who he is, what he has done to helped them and how he worried about them when he was alive. I dare say 'some' people have taken his good intentions for granted and all is now forgotten.
No doubt, I believe my daddy is very peaceful now. He is a good man when he was alive and no matter where he is now... he would be continuing his journey & destiny...

But for myself... where am I going and what is my destiny?

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