Monday, June 21, 2010

Beware: Potential politicians around you!

There is just no exception on political situation wherever we go and surprisingly too much talented politicians surrounding us. Look around you and observe the faces and actions of everyone, the talent might just be standing right in front of you or might be whispering 'nothingness' into someone's ear behind your back at this moment.

While having a sumptuous lunch at 'Delicious@Midvalley' with a close friend this afternoon, she shared some insight of her political situations at work. Her situation is similar to mine with just a few different details here and there, and so her situation is quite the same as some people I know as well. Hmmm, come to think of it, I think it's almost the same as my brother's too!

The overview of the story here is; there are some ungrateful 'someone' who thinks highly of themselves, and wants every Tom, Dick & Harry goes licking their shoes while polishing 'em til it shines like the mighty sun. While there are some 'blur'cases or people who have dignity and ignores the shoe polishing theory, then 'somehow, somewhere, someone' used a lil' poison and drops it everywhere so the dignity vanishes and the 'ungrateful' someone gets their revenge.

The details might change a little according to different characters but the structure of the story is always the same.

Having heard so many versions of the story above, it's reminding us that there will be poisonous people out there waiting for the right situation and timing to do their thing. So be cautious not to end up being in the middle of someone's political circle and avoid 'helping' these people spread the poison. You can save somebody's life.

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