Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lemon Garden Cafe at Shangri-La Hotel KL

Having heard so much about the Lemon Garden Cafe Hi Tea at Shangri-la Hotel in KL, me and bubbles decided to make a trip there on a lazy sunny Sunday. The road leading to our destination was smooth and there were just a handful of cars on the road. Thank god for that for I am always dismayed for being stuck in the famous congested traffic-jams in KL.

We managed to reach there at about 1pm, which is just nice as the Hi Tea buffet started an hour ago and there were not much crowd in the cafe. Well, not wasting any time... we started our buffet adventure!

ughh.... There were so much choices!! I had a tough time choosing what to eat first...

Grilled Zucchinis, Braised clams in broth, Mushroom risotto with pesto, Fresh oyesters and mussels, Chicken with dates, Vegetarian lasagna, Chinese dim sum, Marinated baby octopus, Tandoori chicken, Cheesecakes, Smoked Salmon, Scallop, Maki Sushi, Satay, Tiramisu, Curry Mee, Dried Scallops, Ice Cream, Oysters, Salmon, Mussels, Turkey, Eggplant, Prawns, Chocolate Fountain, Strawberries, Blueberry Tart, Raspberry Tart with White Chocolate, Vanilla with Strawberry and White Chocolate, Lemon Cheese Cake, Tiramisu, Raspberry Cheese Cake, Mini Chocolate, Mango Pudding with Pomelo, Chocolate Pie, steamed whole crab with ginger, chocolate ball, strawberries tart, strawberry mouse and coffee, Grilled lamb with mint sauce, Braised beef cheek, Fried Squid Tentacles, Raw salmon, assorted dim sums and braised sea cucumber with mushrooms, Sweet and sour prawns, prawn dim sum and steamed cod fish, oysters, Cocktail prawns, mutton curry, Cream puffs, Chocolate coated marshmallows, strawberries and kuih bahulu, mini chocolate brownies, chocolate cake,Vanilla, chocolate and chocolate mint ice cream, Cold Cuts, Juice Counter, Curry Laksa, Smoked Salmon, Teriyaki Salmon & Sake, Sashimi, Teriyaki Salmon, Nasi Lemak, Dal, Puri, Brinjal & Sotong Sambal, Sushi Roll & Sashimi, Ham. Cheese & Smoked Salmon Bagel, Pain Au Chocolat & Croissant

our starters...

the prawns & oysters were very fresh...

local favourites... Satay with spicy peanut sauce!

Feeling like a little Italian?

Whoa! delicious food and lovely bright environment...

Now... DESSERT time!! I've been waiting for this since ariving...
Chocolate coated grapes, mini marshmallows & strawberries... Normally I love it with strawberries but this strawberries are a little too sour... so the grapes were the best!

and these... fuhhh!! can't get enough of 'em!

The sweet raspberries and the soft strawberry flavoured cream combines perfectly!

Assorted cakes!

Here are the price:
High-Tea Buffet - RM 68++ (12pm-4pm)

I heard if you have OCBC creditcard, there will be a special 50% discount on food. Hmm... I don't have so I did not find out in detail about the offer. Nevertheless, it was indeed an enjoyable meal with great food, lovely environment and perfect companion to share the adventure.


  1. oohhh... love the choc fondue!!

  2. I gotta back that place by adding that their Saturday Seafood Buffet is simply impressive. A huge whole blue fin tuna fish, oysters, scallops, sashimis, variety of cuisines, etc. And, the desserts are aplenty too!

    Btw, Amex & Maybank Platinum cards get 50% (for 2 diners). What a steal deal!