Thursday, June 17, 2010

I want to work!

I need to start working again or I am going to be crazy!

What bullshit is this?
I was so happy for the short break and then followed by another long break... however, halfway thru the long break... I am actually feeling too freeeeeeeeeee!! Now I feel like jumping back into my armour and going back into the battlefield!! Ughh... I have a feeling there are people who will be reading this and have a sudden urge to 'SLAP' me!! Haha!!

Here I am having all the free time and complaining about it! :P bluekkk..
Maybe I need to find more "FUN' stuffs to do rather than hanging around and doing what I would normally do. Hmm... any suggestions to the FUN stuffs??

1. Do pole dancing again?
nyek nyek.. there are Monday evening classes just a few minutes from home...
2. Learn a new language?
... could be boring... but what language? Spanish? Jap?
3. Find a gf for Muffin - my mini schnauzer?
he has been showing signs that he is a man already! Muahahaha....
4. Get a new hairstyle?
... so I feel fresh again?
5. Go for a short trip... but alone?
... because everybody is working!! sigh...

Aiyo... making this list also not easy ler... I'm getting bored all over again.... H-hELpPpPpppp~~

I must be contented...
I must not complain...
I must be grateful...
I am grateful for the break for I'm not sure when I will be having such long breaks again! Haha!

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