Saturday, June 5, 2010

A remarkable year of love

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Happy 1st Anniversary my darling!

You’ve given me hope, inspiration and love
Because of you I feel alive once more
When heavy storms have come our way
Your love has always made me stay

Each morning I wake and see your face
I know in you, I’ve found my place
Our bond is extraordinary, beautiful, magical, and rare
It’s remarkable how wonderful you make me feel

We belong together, both you and I
That, the world cannot deny
Never in my life will I find another man
Who could ever fulfill me the way you can

The life we’ve shared this past year
Has proved forever it shall persevere
I will love you forever in every way
That I hope, will remain constant until my dying day.

A truly remarkable man, Bubbles... who have touched my life in every way possible. The above poem have not fully reflected what is in my heart for words cannot describe just how incredible our first year journey has been. I am wishing for more anniversaries to be shared and more memories to fill our heart.

Thank you for just being who you are and loving me for who I am.

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