Sunday, June 20, 2010

Appreciate your father

Today is a special day indeed. The world celebrates the greatness of our fathers. No matter who your father is, today he is the hero in your life and today will be stored in our memory as another happy celebration to be remembered and treasured.

As for me, eventhough my dad is no longer around, in my heart I am celebrating the day with him in my memory. He will always be the best father and the hero in my life! The Fathers' Days celebration with him when he was alive will be the most treasured memories in my heart.

Blogging about Fathers' Day today still bring tears to my eyes. Last year I blogged and every words were blurred by my tears, as every word came directly from my heart. Thus, my article touched the hearts of those people behind the Star newspaper and they printed my article on Fathers' Day.

Happy Fathers' Day to Daddy (MistyBlush) - 14 June 2009
Happy Fathers' Day to Daddy (Star Newspaper) - 21 June 2009

To all the people who is reading this, appreciate and love your father. Let him know today just how special he is in your life. There will be times when you think he is not right, no matter what, be glad that he is still around you to show you what is wrong.

To my daddy, wherever you are right now. Happy Fathers' Day to you and hope you know just how much I love you and would give everything in the world to be celebrating this special day with you. I am now missing your laughter, your wisdom (sometimes categorized as 'nag'), your love and care, the smell of your cigars, your love for food and holidays, your time of joy whenever we have family gatherings, those times you waited for me when I went out til 'early' morning, and mostly I missed the most is your presence... *sad* 

This photo is exactly how he is when he was alive: with all his favourites!
1. Green Nike T-shirt
2. Brown suspender
3. Coffee + cigar
4. His favourite 'tongkat'

Looking at this photo is making me very sad because I only started to appreciate him when he passed away. I didn't think to appreciate him when he was around and used to believe he is only there to 'nag' me and make my life miserable. Now, I missed those times where he 'nagged' me and would give anything to hear his voice again.

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