Thursday, June 4, 2009

Create your own change...

Just conducted another round of training today for our newly promoted leaders of the brand and it was a such an enjoyable one that I don't feel my headache nor my bodyache throughout the whole training. However, the ache came back again a few hours after returning home...aihh~

Thinking back to my childhood, it is amazing how I truly have changed over the years. If you have seen me grow up, you will share the same sentiments.

Growing up, I always dream of becoming an artist or a cook. Haha! Hard to believe as I know I was never an artist! A cook?? My mom will surely laugh at this! What I am trying to imply is I never would have thought that I would be a Trainer for a prestige skincare brand. The thought never even crossed my mind once...... Seriously, I never thought I would have ended up as a Trainer in the beauty industry.

Remember the song... Que Sera Sera? That's what I used to ask my mom..... but my mom was never a musician, so she doesn't sing for me! Haha!

So, what happened in my growing up process that brought me such fate? What has made me discover my unique talent in communication and presentation? What has pushed me forward to pursue a career that put my unique talent in good use?

First of all.... Know yourself with asking these questions:

Self-reflective questions to help you begin:

1. What are your unique talents?

2. If you were fully engaged, applying your talents, how would you feel?

3. What is your intuition – not your inner critic – telling you to pursue to be part of the solution?

4. What’s stopping you?

If you don't know yourself best, who would? So, start knowing what you truly want. Ask this questions without any analysing or critism. Just don't go in detail, because the first thing that comes into your mind is usually from your heart. Then your intelligent brains will start analyzing for you, telling you what is right and what is wrong.

Then the next steps would be to inspire yourself by these thoughts and never give up until you succeed!

1. Keep searching!
If you are not sure of which talent to pursue to be part of the change you see, look back into your history to search for interrupted dreams. Life takes over, and dreams get tucked away waiting to be awakened.

2. You are a leader!
Don’t compare yourself with anyone else. You haven’t walked in their shoes, and they haven’t walked in yours. You are always evolving.

3. Fear are for losers!
Play a bigger game, and don’t let fear rob you of the leader you are meant to be. No matter what you do in life, you get to lead.

4. Be inspired and inspire others!
Doing what inspires you makes a big difference and attracts the best in you and in others.

5. Visualize!
In your imagination, start rehearsing the change you want with images of positive possibilities. If you keep thinking about the worse possible scenario, then you give the negative power to attract more negativity.

6. Be positive and always think you can!
Remember – anything is possible! If you think you will fail even before you start, most probably you already have. It's as simple as that....

Most important attitude that contributes to my success so far is I have a never-give-up attitude. I also believe in my own abilities and strengths, always striving to learn and improve myself in every way... I only get to be JOSELYN LEE once eh... why not be the best I can be??

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  1. "why not be the best I can be?"
    these are inspiring words indeed...
    well said!
    the one & only josy that every1 is & will be proud of!
    keep inspiring!