Monday, June 8, 2009

Happiness is...

As I browse through past entries in my blog, it made me realize again just how much I have changed throughout the short months that I have started blogging. I believe there are no good or bad changes, just the change that I need to go through in each phase of my life to grow and mature to another level.

I think one of the more obvious changes that I noticed of myself is my perspective on happiness. Happiness used to be when my boyfriend will do something for me, happiness used to be when my parents will listen to me, happiness used to be when I get that job I wanted, happiness used to be when I win that pageant, happiness used to be when everyone agree that I am talented, happiness used to be when I get an LV bag, happiness used to be when I get a vacation to Europe…etc.

Happiness used to be depended on other people. Happiness that depends on other people is usually short-term happiness.

What is happiness without any pain?
What is happiness without any gain?
Happiness is contentment.
Happiness may also be a wonderful achievement.
Happiness can be defined as satisfaction
Which we get after doing a noble action.
Happiness can be achieved by doing selfless deeds.
By this we can sow the 'Humanity seeds
'Love one another as I have loved you,
Follow this golden principle and you will find,
Happiness awaiting you with armsopen and welcoming you.

Poem by Green Peace…

I am still seeking happiness, however, I understand now that happiness is not just skin deep. Happiness is a state of our mind; it is controllable by no one else but you. We all have the power to control what we feel, act or do. The law of attraction teaches us how to control our mind by always being positive because when you think good, good things will happen. Yes, it is that simple. Life is simple so please don’t be a smart Alex and try to make it complicated.

My own quote of life is “Life is short; would you wanna leave the world tomorrow with the memory of sadness or happiness of today?”

I am a happier person and I know I will be happy in life because I want to be happy. Nonetheless, being happy alone is not enough because happiness is supposed to be shared.

the purest of love is the love of family.... the support and nourishments that mold me into who I am today... the foundation of my confidence and strength...

moments of happiness from these darlings of mine....

the friendships that are sweeter than sugar itself; the laughter shared, the tears shed, the wonderful hugs that makes everything seems perfect....

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  1. u're good! it's all in de mind...totally agree!