Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sexy Nerdo...

Me gonna be sexy nerdo for 2 weeks!
**Snif snif sob sob**
Had the longest wait at the hospital and feeling most unproductive today! Hmm... doctors must be earning alot huh... I've already made appointment and yet was kept in the waiting list.. yeaaaa....
waiting list = forever WAIT la!!
Had been feeling discomfort in my eyes for the past few weeks and kept getting comments from my colleagues that my eyes are damn red… Initially I just thought must be tired eyes from facing the computer screen for long hours; thus shrugged off the thought…

However, my eyes started to itch and dryness kept occurring; to a point where I can’t even wear my contacts without feeling tightness on my eyeball… and contacts kept disappearing into my eyes... just like chipsmore tagline "Now you see it....NOW YOU DON'T!"

Reluctantly, still thinking it’s no big a deal… I made an appointment with the doctor…. Whoa!! Doctor confirmed there are some abnormal blood vessels growth in my eyes caused by continuous stress & long hours of wearing contact lenses…. This according to the doctor might lead to loss of vision! **pengsan**
Pengsan = Fainted
Thank god I made the effort to visit the Doctor.... There's so much more to see in this world that I have yet to see.... The world is so beautiful, how can I not see it? So must must must take care of my eyes.....
Doctor's advices:
1. No contact lenses at least for 2 weeks *gulp* Which means gonna hide hide my beautiful eyes behind glasses??
2. Do not stare too long on screens......Computer, TV....ermm... have to work ler... HOW??
3. Apply medication 3 times a day...without fail....
4. See her again in 2 weeks to check my eyes condition..... which means have to pay the super-duper expensive consultation fees!!
The medication for my eyes.......

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  1. 'gonna hide hide my beautiful eyes behind glasses?' ;D
    those beautiful eyes can't be hidden even behind glasses!
    but those glasses do make you look sexy... not to mention... kinda kinky too! ;P