Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pole Star - PIXIE

Our very own POLE STAR - PIXIE

Witnessed an absolute crazeee nite with gorgeous & talented ladies & gentlemen performing their pole talents at Saigon Bar Bangsar.

Especially my dearest Michelle aka Pixie, who did an amazing performance and wow-ed the crowd with her graceful moves and stunning & fashionable image! I was screaming like a mad fan while trying to get a glimpse of her through the over-flowing crowd.... I don't think I have done that since BSB concert in Sunway Lagoon

Check out the video I have uploaded on YouTube.....

Aside from de gorgeous pixie....pixie's dad was the most "happening" person in the crowd!

Ever seen an angelic-gentle-grandpa-looking guy sitting on top of the bar table and cheering loud loud for the daughter like an American Idol #1 Fan would do?

One of these days you gonna catch a glimpse of him in the pages of Star Newspaper.... and you will remember I have notified you beforehand... *winks*

Daddy & daughter smiling together gether for the camera.... *envy*

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