Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Be inspired!

If I am able to inspire someone today, what action will I take?

Sounds simple? Why would it not?

I often get comments from people around me that I smile a lot. When my dad passed away few months back, I was back at work a week after his funeral and a colleague commented that I don’t look too sad because I was smiling like my usual self. Well, they can’t be expecting me to turn up crying at work right? Even though my heart was broken into millions of tiny dusts……

Days where my work was eating my soul, my mouth will not fail to curve into a half-moon; with the pointed-ends turning upwards of course! Some colleagues asked me why I always look so happy, because I never fail to flash them my friendly smile. Maybe I have been practicing the art of smiling since my pageant days that it has become a habit to *smile* with mere eye contact with someone. I remember those days when I was representing my country in a pageant, the only time I was not require to smile was when we returned to our hotel after a full-day of back-to-back activities; feet & jaw super-duper tired from muscles cramp!

I suppose all those practices have paid off now since most people commented that I am a walking smiley. Let me do a short count down on the benefits of having a smile as the most important outfit everyday…..

SMILE and the world smiles with you!

10. Stay fit; smile for breakfast, lunch and dinner….

9. Jaw exercise; able to avoid having double chin as you age….

8. As popular as Leonardo Da Vinci;
you are your own Mona Lisa

7. Nourishing for health; a smile a day keeps the doctor away

6. Anti-aging solution; smiling makes you look younger! At least 5 years…

5. Richer than Michael Bloomberg (15th richest man); might be a wee bit easier with a smile than a frown… maybe Colgate might wanna sign you as their ambassador…

4. Fashion statement; your smile is your own fashion brand…alone! No PRADA or GUCCI can ever have the same one as yours…

3. Miss Universe status; smiling makes you look more desirable & attractive…

2. Expand your social network… A smile a day brings you a friend everyday!

1. Become a Buddha… ; inspire others and break bad Karmas!

Well, 10 truly important tips from me on

"Why a SMILE is the most important outfit everyday?"

I hereby loudly and boldly declare that I have inspired someone today!


  1. 'feet & jaw super duper tired from muscle cramps!' ;p
    i particularly like tips #6 (5 years) & #3 (ms universe) ;p
    giving u a big smiley now... ;D

  2. i think most ppl dun smile enough!

  3. I'm still trying to learn how to smile properly. :(

  4. mike...i think your smile is proper dy! :)