Saturday, June 6, 2009

Heart still smiling...

Whoa! This weekend must be one of those exciting weekend ever!.. The longest one as well....... it feels like the longest one! Thursday evening already felt like a Saturday!
Tonight I had a fabulous evening courtesy of a certain sweet...let's just tag him as "Bubbles"....... *wink wink* ....

Why Bubbles leh??

Well, it's a joke between us that is not meant to be shared here! Haha! Not because he looks like one, certainly not because he acts like one.... nothing of him is like "Bubbles" at all.... except maybe.......... *smiles*

Anyway... We went for an awesome 3D Animation at the cinema, I can't believe I haven't been to one!

How 'sakai' can I be huh??!

sakai = out-dated!

But seriously! I was quite excited to wear those goggles which apparently might cost about RM200 if you damaged it or "accidently misplaced" it into your bag or inside your pocket without returning it at the end of the show... somehow, I didn't have the urge to do that because the goggles might be FUN in the CINEMA... but it's horrendously icky if we were to accidently wear it in public.... *hiuk hiuk*
Certainly not stylo mylo!

The jelly without a brain... but full of IDEAS!!
HAha! I think I know some people like that too...

Went for dinner after the movie as my stomach was already growling from hunger... stepped into a restaurant and saw a huge bunch of people wearing PAJAMAS!! OMG.... I thought the goggles were still on me....

After double checking with "Bubbles"... yeaa.... there were a bunch of humans wearing Pajamas in the middle of a mall in a restaraunt... hugging pillows and god knows what else!

OMG again...... maybe it's BOB of the human race.....

Thank god I didn't choked on the delicious dragon fruit salad!

Never ending excitement of the evening as the next stop...........

yeaa!! Live performance at Alexis @ Great Eastern Mall....

The band was so well co-ordinated in my opinion as every single person in the band compliments one another! It was fantastic!

Plus 1 guy who's hair is so long... til his... ermm... the mountain behind his back *hiuk hiuk*....yeaa...ermm.. this guy who managed to always surprise the audience... maybe only me lar... with extra musical "barang" that he hid somewhere to add some spice to the performance... very..ermm... creative indeed! I dunno how they call those extra musical "barang" but I named them salt & pepper...and ajinomoto too!

Bravo! Bravo indeed! *clap clap clap*

Barang = stuffs

It was such a fabulous night that I have to keep awake to blog it down... even though I am dead tired and sleepy from lack of rest since last night.... Oh yea... my heart is still smiling cos I have enjoyed the evening so much... gonna sleep now with the sweetest dreams and drums playing in la-la land.... ZzzZzzzZ~~


  1. hmmm... y bubbles leh?
    except maybe? ;p
    i'm pretty sure that bubbles would have felt the same & must've enjoyed as much as you do...
    & his heart must have been having a slight cramp right now from smiling 24/7 knowing that your heart is still smiling...
    just hope that bubbles will not get a heart attack huh? ;p

  2. let's make sure bubbles don't get a heart attack, shall we? ;p

  3. Wah I am glag I am not the only outdated one. womk wink just saw the movie in 3 D too.. Hmm I hope I am not BOB .....

    Psst .. who is yur BUBBLES?

  4. Cal! of course u're not BOB ler...nvr was & nvr will be k! ermm...BUBBLES ah...powerpuff girls ler.. Haha!

  5. I love the live performance at Alexis too!