Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hugs to JUNE

Welcoming the month of June with open arms indeed! I'm not sure why am I so happy to welcome June.....maybe it's because:

1. Half of the year has slipped by.....so fast!

2. June's schedule at work is pretty cool

3. I am sniffing something cheeky is gonna happen!

4. Year end is coming close! Which means X'mas again... hehe! pressies & parties....

5. Waa...so fast think of year end dy.... No wonder starting of the year so gloomy!

6. Is it because of the book I have been reading?

7. Maybe because July & August is not looking so cool....

8. aaahhh.....something cheeky is definitely coming up!

9. But....how?

10.....and HOW?

LOL~ If only you understand what the above is all about!

Which means life is short and we must be able to make life as exciting and fulfilling as possible. Today is not even the 1st of June, it's already the 2nd day in the month of June. With another blink of an eye, it will be end of June and I will be welcoming July with a sad face....

Would like to share some intelligent words:

"There are 3 enemies of personal peace:
REGRET over yesterday's mistakes,
ANXIETY over tomorrow's problems and
INGRATITUDE for today's blessing"

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