Friday, June 5, 2009

Hennessy Artistry 2009 the global art of mixing

Attended another Hennessy Artistry Event and this time it was held at Phuture@Zouk.
It was quite amazing how the whole place was magically transformed into a glamourous Hennessy theme...
I remembered the last one I went to was at Orange Club and it wasn't as glamourous as last night.
It was impressive indeed!

However, I find Phuture is a wee bit too tiny comparing to The Orange Club.... resulting in a sardine-packed-like situation... We were slightly late and we awkwardly squeezed into the crowd... only to realize the show was almost over!
Sigh...Plus most of the nice drinks were gone too... I was actually looking forward to their nice nice cocktails!
Aside from the glamourous setup, I still prefer the previous Hennessy experience!

Us trying our best to look glamourous too!

It was indeed another great night with wonderful friends.....

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