Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wonderful Jazzy Weekend

The long awaited jazzy weekend was certainly worth the "long" wait. It was such a lovely day courtesy of "bubbles" yet again *smiles*........ starting with "education" adventure at Pusat Sains Negara.... hmmm... there were quite a number of kids around and if I remembered correctly... the last time I've been to such "education" trip was....I think I don't even remember! Haha! was FUN! seriously.....

There were so many amusing lessons on the human body function, some physics stuffs... ermm... also those long forgotten chemistry stuffs.... there were lots lots more! We couldn't believe it when we realized we were the only "students" left at closing time! Time just flew by.... and we didn't even felt it.... that was how "FUN" the lessons were... Haha! How come I don't feel that in school huh??

Only after leaving the building did I felt thirsty and so darn tired!

"Education" is certainly draining!!

Had to take power nap to re-charge for the alluring jazz performance at Alexis Ampang ---> checkout whoa! Really amazing...

The food was absolutely delicious.... I was so hungry by then....the chicken pot pie and pizza was yummy! plus the ambience atmosphere certainly relaxed me and not to mention....... but I must must must mention.......the music was.....enchanting~

It was performed by Anita Wardell , a jazz singer from the UK and her voice is so melodic and harmonious to the music played by her band.... her uniqueness must be her signature singing --> which sounds something like this "badibudababa didibudibadubaba" sang with high low notes that is so well harmonized with the music....the right term is "Scat Singing" was certainly amazing! ......I didn't want the evening to end....

"Bubbles" got me the album from Anita Wardell titled 'Kinda Blue' and got it signed by the singer herself.....*proud* see my name?? Haha! Now I can blue everyday and night...... til maybe I want some pink....or purple....

Of course, the evening had to end somehow... however I am so grateful to have such lovely jazzy moments with "Bubbles"... I certainly appreciate the sweet gestures to make the weekend so wonderful for me...

7 sweet melting heart-shaped chocolates

I couldn't ask for a more enjoyable jazzy evening shared exclusively with "Bubbles"..... I might want to be greedy and can't wait for more other moments to be shared.... *wink wink*


  1. that's what edutainment is all about!
    learning is a non-stop process irrespective of our age... even til the day we set our feet 6-feet under-ground, we still learn...
    time always flies when we're having fun... especially if good company is around...
    this bubbles... hmmm... seems like he made ur day! must've made you bubbly too! ;D
    scat is good... but hope you're not 'kinda blue' now... how's the music?
    7 melting hearts sounds so irresistably sweet... ;p
    i'm sure you can share many more moments with bubbles as he must've felt the same way... ;)

  2. bubbles has been truly sweeeeeet..... can't wait can't wait!!