Thursday, June 18, 2009

de Age thingy...again...

Whoa! Suddenly, I just realized tomorrow is already Friday which only means another week has flew by in another blink of an eye. This week was truly another hectic week with schedules comprises of trainings, Coaching the Consultants at the counters, meetings, scheduling trainings for the coming months, ensuring everything will be in place for those trainings, stock arrival, products arrangements & organizing….the list goes on and on…. not to mention me getting sick and just recovered from mild asthma….

Oh yea… my boss is in town too! As I sat through his training on the new SK-II anti-aging products (yet to be launched!), the word anti-aging triggered something in me. I am no longer 21 or 25, somehow it is the age where people categorized as the ideal age. Unbelievable as 25 seems like just a few months ago...... really!

Damn….in another 2-3 years, I will be moving into an entirely new category! I will not even belong to the late-twenties category! Wait…..2-3 years? Can I have more?? *sob sob snif snif*

Although I know age is never an issue because it is how we live our life that matters rather than let the number control our life. Well, then we shouldn’t even celebrate birthdays as it is the cruelest reminder ever! Ever.

Can you imagine being reminded again that you are old, ugly and dying by a cake?

I came to realized that most of my friends are either…

1. Married
2. Almost married
3. Pregnant
4. Been pregnant
5. Pregnant again
6. Almost pregnant again
7. All of the above

Secondly, most recently I have received sad news of the passing away of a parent from two ex-school mates. This only means we’re growing up and the grown-ups are growing older.

Sigh. I don’t even know why am I blogging about this. Maybe because of the AGE factor again. Nobody wants to grow up so soon and realized that the candy has been taken away.

I still want my candy.......


  1. age is but a number, me dear... don't be bothered by it...
    you can stay 20s for as long as you want... i guess u already know by now...
    i mean you have your SK II rite? ;p
    if you wish hard enough, you will be rained with candies... rest assured... ;D

  2. MMm ya... we grew old together eh.. sniff sniff

  3. aside from SKII...I think I was inspired on how to stay 20 forever! :P Haha!!

    Cal dear...we shall grow old but remain 20 together-gether...I'll teach u how! hehe